a girl who likes girls, taking pictures, listens to music and is pretty picky.

I live in the sunshine state.
Im a pirate-jedi-wizard extraodinare <3
Im pretty much in love with all things nerdy. Im super awkward. I think we all change on a daily basis and im constantly learning new things about myself.

the way to my heart is through lyrics or movie lines.

"the only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open" - Chuck Palahniuk

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In case life is not kind,
In case life is not fair,
In case love does not conquer all,
In case what is meant to be does not find a way,
In case I never get an opportunity to make reparations,
In case I do not get another chance to tell you…

I love you. You hold a permanent piece of my heart that time, space and circumstance can not touch.

By || Colleen Courtney Anderson ||
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